Let's join office or class from home

Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business, Google Duo, link: Use any of the platforms to conduct your online class or meeting.

Data Packs Activation Price Validity
1GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 33 Tk 3 Days
2GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 68 Tk 7 Days
4GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 226 Tk 30 Days
10GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 276 Tk 30 Days
20GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 432 Tk 30 Days
30GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 518 Tk 30 Days
40GB Zoom, Teams, Duo Pack Buy Now 587 Tk 30 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • Customers will get the aforementioned data for using apps like Zoom, MS Teams, Skype for Business, Google Duo & Lync, for the aforementioned validities.
  • With the purchase of these packs, customers will get to use the above-mentioned apps in their android/ iOS smartphones/tablets/PCs/other devices from the Conference/Communication pack volume offered using GP internet.
  • No Auto renewal feature is applicable.
  • The price quoted here is MRP inclusive of the new SD, VAT & SC.
  • After expiry of the pack, customers will be charged from other data packs that they may have purchased. If customers do not have any data pack purchased, then PayGo will apply.
  • After expiration (Volume or Validity) of every internet pack maximum PayGo rate will be Tk 6.0875 (inclusive VAT, SD & SC).
  • Due to technical issues at the service provider end, there might be possibilities of charging from other internet quota or main account or PayGo balance during down time or other technical change scenarios from service owner’s end.
  • All the terms and conditions of internet packs will also be applicable here.