Mobile Number Portability is a service through which a customer can switch from current mobile operator to another mobile operator by keeping the MSISDN (Mobile number) unchanged.

For porting to GP through MNP system, customer needs to visit any GPC/GP Express/GP SIM Replacement point; share MSISDN, NID Number, date of birth, name, and address; perform Biometric verification upon accepting the terms of condition of subscription at GP Retail Point, once the process is completed, customer will get SMS confirmation of successful verification to current Operator SIM. After completing these steps, customer will get new GP SIM from Retailer; get MNP validation confirmation SMS from GP to existing Operator SIM; finally current Operator SIM will be deactivated and new GP SIM will get activated. 

Default Package after Porting

  • Prepaid connection: Nischinto
  • Postpaid connection: Myplan.

But after, successful porting , the subscriber can migrate immediately to other applicable package of GP, if needed. 

Possible reasons for rejection:

  • Porting request made before the expiry of a ninety days’ period from the activation date of a new connection
  • There are overdue bills to current Mobile Phone Operator
  • A request for change of ownership of the mobile number is under process
  • The mobile number sought to be ported is sub-judice; the number is currently the subject of a legal matter
  • Porting of the mobile number has been prohibited by a Court of Law; and
  • There are contractual obligations

As per Government directives, in case of porting of a prepaid number, the available balance, talk time, data, if any, shall lapse.

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