Free life insurance service will be discontinued from 15th of April 2023.
This is to inform all our valued Grameenphone customers that the The Nirvoy -Free life insurance service mentioned below will be discontinued from 15th Of April 2023.
Grameenphone looks forward to bringing more attractive services for you in future. Thank you for staying with us.

NIRVOY - Free Life Insurance

Grameenphone in partnership with E. B. Solutions Limited (EBS) and Pragati Life is offering ‘Nirvoy’ the life insurance product to its valued customers. The purpose of Nirvoy is to provide GP customers with an opportunity to manage their life risk by simply committing to a nominal amount of spend on the GP network. Nirvoy is the Free life insurance offer from Grameenphone built on Monthly Recharge/Usage of a customer.

Understanding of Life Insurance

Insurance is a means of protecting you and your family against risk or loss. There are various risks we face every day: loss of life, health problems, loss of property, etc. that could put our families and loved ones in a very dire situation. Life Insurance protects the family/loved ones in the event of loss of life of the “insured” person by paying the coverage amount.

Nirvoy, which is a Life Insurance program, offers protection against the risk of loss of life by providing monetary compensation in the event of the loss of life of the registered (covered) customer during the period in which he/she had insurance coverage.

Monthly Recharge/Usage based Nirvoy Life Insurance proposition is as follows:

Recharge(Prepaid)/Usage(Postpaid) In Previous Calendar Month (Month 1) Free Life Insurance Coverage (Calendar Month 2)
BDT <150 No coverage
BDT 150 – 249 BDT 10,000
BDT 250 – 349 BDT 20,000
BDT 350 – 499 BDT 30,000
BDT 500 & above BDT 50,000

New Registration process will be discontinued from 1st of April 2023. Customers who are registered upto 31st March 2023 will only avail the feature if all criteria (based on their recharge (Prepaid)/usage(Postpaid)) met for the month of April.

Insurance Start Date and Validity:

  • Eligibility for insurance coverage will be determined based on the recharge amount for prepaid customers and on the usage amount for postpaid customers during the previous month.
  • If the Recharge amount is BDT 150 or higher, then customer will be entitled for the insurance coverage as per the table given above
  • Usage will be calculated from the 1st day of customer’s registration calendar month to last date of that month and insurance coverage will be valid for the next calendar month based on the usage. This rule is applicable for the following months also.
  • Registration is valid (for lifetime) until the customer cancels the registration of the SIM Card
  • If monthly Recharge is below BDT 150 in any month then for the next month customer will not be eligible for any insurance coverage.
  • For postpaid customers, monthly usage will be calculated based on the calendar month
  • If any customer has more than one Grameenphone connections and is registered for Nirvoy on both connections, then maximum BDT 1,00,000 will be paid (considering two SIMs) as insurance coverage based on the monthly recharge/usage of those connections.

Claim Settlement Process:

  • After the death of any insured customer, Nominee needs to submit all the required papers in the nearest Grameenphone center within 120 days of the death. During claim settlement, nominee needs to submit the following documents:
    • Death certificate of insured person
    • National ID Card of Insured
    • National ID Card of claimant
    • Valid Registration Papers of the SIM under which the insured was registered (The insurance user must be the registered owner of his/her Grameenphone number/SIM)
    • Government issued document confirming the relationship between claimant and insured e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate
    • Claim Form (available in the Grameenphone center)
  • After verification of all the documents, claim settlement will be completed within 7 working days